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W&B Gold Leaf, LLC (Wehrung & Billmeier Co.)


Urban J. Billmeier



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Fax: (773)472-1544
Address: 1919 Playbird Rd.
City, State, ZIP: Sheboygan, WI, 53083-1914

United States

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Gilding Supplies
Gold Leaf & Supplies
Handy Tools
Business Description:
W&B Gold Leaf, LLC (Wehrung and Billmeier Co.) has been in business for 106 years. We carry a large variety of genuine and imitation metal leaf. Most of our in stock items include the following: Genuine: 24K Fine Gold (pure) 23.75K Rosenoble 23.5K Orange (dukat) 23K XX Deep Surface Gold Leaf 23K XX Deep Glass Gold Leaf 23K XX Deep Patent Gold Leaf 23K XXX (Triple X) Gold Leaf 22.5K Champagne 22K French Pale 22K Lincoln Artisans 22K XX Deep Yellow Gold Leaf 22K Moon Gold 19K Caplain Leaf 18K Lemon Gold Leaf 16K Pale Gold Leaf 13.25K White 12K White Gold Leaf 10K Platinum White 6K White Platinum Leaf Palladium Leaf .999 Pure Silver Leaf Copper Leaf Imitation: Composition Gold Leaf Imitation Silver Leaf (Pure Aluminum) Variegated Leaf (Blue, Red, Black, Green) Schlagmetal Schlagaluminum Roll Gold: 23K, 22K, Aluminum, Composition. Custom Rolls Gold Size: Le franc Slow Le franc Quick Rolco Slow Rolco Quick Aqua Size Burnish Sealer Gilders Tools: Tip (Squirrel Hair Brush) Wheel Knife Cushion Mop Brush Agate Stones Rabbit Skin glue We are always adding to our product line!
Ad Message: Superior Quality Gold Leaf and Roll Gold Since 1905
Member Since: 03-Jan-2007

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